Do you want to discover the real Spain far away from tourist resorts? Why not try our activity holidays, and have the chance to see how the locals live?

Want to learn Spanish but don´t fancy spending all your holiday in a classroom? Why not combine conversation lessons with outdoor activities and get to know authentic Spanish culture and people?


Holidays in the Gredos mountains of Spain. Discover real Spanish life and culture, with our bi-lingual guides. Excellent accommodation and cuisine, and the choice of spending your days learning Spanish, horse riding, walking, swimming in crystalline rivers, visiting local farms, or all of these activities combined..

All of our activities can be taken in English or Spanish and take place in quiet inspirational surroundings in an undiscovered paradise far away from traditional tourist traps.

Artists, writers, nature lovers, animal lovers, horse riders, walkers or travellers are all invited to come and discover the beautiful countryside and be taken care of and guided by our team of loving people who live here all year round and know the area inside out.

Sierra de Gredos is a natural park in the heart of Spain in Castilla y León. Rural farming and pasture land are surrounded by the Gredos mountains where time seems to stand still and the purest form of the Spanish (Castilian) language is spoken. Traditions survive and real Spanish culture, cuisine and customs thrive. Intense, extensive nature, very little tourism and unspoilt forests, rivers, gorges and glacial landscapes all unite to create unique and inspirational scenery. Peace and nature fill the villages, wild animals fill the countryside and rare birds and birds of prey fill the skies.  

It is in this amazing place that we offer outdoor activities, horse riding, rural accommodation, cultural experiences, language lessons, and a chance to spend memorable times in the heart of Spain doing what you love.

Peaceful and inspirational breaks and holidays spent indulging in nature and culture, horse riding, walking, learning Spanish and relaxing deep in the heart of the Spanish mountains.